Earthquake Bracing...

We secure LAN Cabinets, Equipment racks, Mainframes, Monitors and other hardware. All fasteners have a quick-disconnect feature so the equipment can be removed for maintenance and relocation. We have multiple methods of securing the equipment and specialize in using a Flexible Cable System

The Flexible Cable System allows the energy from the earthquake to be dispersed. Hard Mount systems try to harness the energy of an earthquake; this is impossible. The weak points of their system, typically the bolt heads, develop tiny fractures from all the tremors that occur throughout each day, therefore compromising the system. Hard Mount systems are also difficult to work with when it comes to moving the equipment for maintenance. Consider also the difficulty in trying to return the equipment to the exact spot to reattach it to the system.

In addition to bracing hardware, we brace the vertical supports of computer room access floors. Without lateral supports they are susceptible to lateral collapse in the case of an earthquake. Coastal Systems offers this and many other services including site surveys, evaluations, and installation services for large and small computer rooms.

For current seismic activity in your area please click on the following link.